On the 3th of May, the IOTA Foundation unveiled the meaning of their secretive project: Qubic. The project had been a rumour for a long time under the name Q, which was hyped as a very important and big upgrade on top of the IOTA cryptocurrency. With Qubic, the IOTA Foundation confirmed the addition of Smart contracts, Oracles and outsourced computation to the IOTA platform. Individually, all of them where expected to be added to
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There has been a massive decline in fiat value for nearly all cryptocurrencies represented within the digital asset universe during the 2018 ‘Crypto Winter.’ During this time, researchers and pundits have declared that when BTC/USD prices dipped below $8K, mining was allegedly unprofitable in some regions. However, as far as blockchain data is concerned mining has grown exponentially even during the last four months when BTC prices found new lows. This year pools such as
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Coinbase buy the platform Earn.com, an app that lets users get cryptocurrency for answering emails and tasks. The Earn startup team will be a part of Coinbase and the founder will work as the CTO of Coinbase. San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced today that it has acquired Earn.com (formerly known as 21 Inc). As we reported in the past, the service allows senders to pay users in cryptocurrency to reply to emails and
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